Cage Bird Singing

The bird in the cage:
Have no rage;
As she is in no range,
Having only one footage-
That She is going out of age!

Loneliness is her day and night;
With restlessness ,is her fight
Warding off emotions is her plight!
Though her dreams got shuddered in thunder and light
Still she loves that clouds during her flight!

As she sings that old song
Of seven years,with her mate
Without any change and no one along
And it is her beautiful fate,
Because still she long -
For the feel of their first love date!

With gratitude she spreads her wing
Infront of her Lord,when alight,
It makes her emotions swing
In His mercy alright and delight!

I love You

Ya Allah
I love You
for the sake of You alone

Ya Allah
I love my family
For the sake of You alone

Ya Allah
I disobey them sometimes
For the sake of You alone

Ya Allah
I am loved for Your sake
Sometimes deprived
For Your sake
And I am withered
Often for your sake

But still
Ya Allah
I love to be in love with You alone
Out of Your mercy
I stay calm
Amidst the trials and tribulations!