Ya Allah

Ya Allah
I becoming the lover of pains,
Since You reward me with gains!

Ya Allah
I am becoming purer
Because You are becoming closer!

Ya Allah
I am becoming softer
As You are the best hearer!

Ya Allah
I am feeling better
As You come nearer!

I bleed I bleed I bleed

Ya Allah, I love the dheen You blessed us with
But I feels sorry when your creations make it hard to follow,
Ya Allah ,I learn the wisdom from my beloved Prophet's life
But feels worry when his followers misuse his teachings

Ya Allah, I leave what ever YOU said forbidden
But feel proud as You always say for our good.
Ya Allah, bless me from the vast ocean of thy knowledge
where I can see what is right and what is wrong.

Only for Your pleasure I live and I breath
And I have nothing in this world to say my own;
Pondering took me closer to You .
As you said "for those who think;they have signs in this"

Ya Allah, pour Your blessings on my weeping heart
Ya Allah, pour Your healing in my wounding heart;
I bleed,I bleed,I bleed for the sake of You
Ya Rabbil Aalameen ,Arshil Aleem!

Blood is thicker than water!

It is easy to crack joke
When others house is in fire!
It is easy to say we pray
When others home is the prey!
It is easy to keep silent
When suffering one's are looking for words!
It is easy to ignore them
When they are looking for a helping hand!
It is easy to mind our own business
When they have only one business to get rid of the fire!
It is easy to save our reputations
When others home in the verge of destruction!

But all these done I still believe
Blood is thicker than water!
Number wont count
Only one willing heart can make it done!
If all the blood tied hearts beats for a cause
Then the cause of our *Jihad will be done!

But alas, every one is blind
Thinking that it is not their kind!!!
Fed up with the pretending love
That every one show off to each other!
But still I believe blood is thicker than water
And thicker it will be how much water we add!

(*striving to attain peace)