O Bilaad Al-Shaam

O Bilaad Al-Shaam
My heart bleeds
My eyes shed tears
As you are in our hearts
Which indeed hurts...
I seek His mercy on you!
O my Brothers and Sisters
You are my family
Like one body
I feel in me the pain !
Hear the OutCry of whine
Ya Allah ;Ya Rabbil Aalameen
Bestow Mercy on my family
Save our brothers and Sisters in Syria
Destroy the oppressor ; his regime
with out any trace....
I beseech Your wrath on Bashaar
Like you perished the Pharoah
Ya Allah answer our tears of blood!
Never return our raised hands
Without Your answer for the oppressed!

Practice and Preach

We advice
But never act!
We demand
But never give!
We love to receive,
But hesitate to help!

We use Lord's Words
 To meet our purpose!
We quote Prophet's words
To meet our hidden agenda!
We quote Scholars
To express our fatwa!

Doing Dawah
Giving Charity
Helping others
All sprouts up
With in a selfless heart
Without a selfish motive!

For HIS sake ALONE
With no fear of lose
With no love for fame
With no gain of world
But in the hope of Hereafter.

A prayer....

Ya Allah
I still long for that love
That love of him
Who cares his girl;
That words from him
Asking to fear Allah!
That warning from him
'Do your five times salah'!
That advice from him
To Be a practicing Muslim!
That scolding from him
'Saying how dare you do not fast!'
Alas! I miss such a person in him
Who I always cherish to see
Still I pray to you O Allah
Let my dream come true
For Your sake O Allah
I love him.......
For Your sake O Allah
I am unhappy with him!!!
Open up his heart O Allah
Open up his heart O Allah
Before his days come to an end
Indeed O Allah O Allah
You are time and I am nothing!

You are not Happy?

You are sad;
Not because of no wealth.
You are not glad;
Not because of no health.
You are depressed;
Not because;the spouse whom you with!
But Because Your Lord is
Not that happy with you!
Stop committing the harm-
which will indeed make you calm;
And Your Lord will make you happy!
For sins are darkness of heart
Which will not only hurt-
But brings depression,and stress!
Indeed only in HIS remembrance
Your Heart will find rest
Otherwise you will rust
As none on whom you can trust!
Though at times HE tests!!!

യാ അല്ലാഹ്
മനസ്സില് ഒരു തുള്ളിപോലും നനവില്ലാത്ത
സ്നേഹമാണല്ലോ നീയെനിക്ക് നല്കിയത് !
ആ നനവെല്ലാം എന്റെ കണ്ണിലെ പേമാരിയായി
ഇനിയും എത്ര നാള് നീ ഒഴുക്കും???

Dheen and Dhuniya

Duniya always intertwine
And intoxicates like a wine.
Whenever I became infantine
Allah Azwaajal makes me confine.
Of all the times I forget YOU and incline,
YOU still always makes me fine.
As I am created as a libertine,
O Allah forgive me whenever I whine.