~My bundle of Duas~

During her early months, Nuunu didn't like anyone sleeping besides her ,though she loves us to be around her while she is awake to play with us.
She abandoned us while she sleeps as if she is taking revenge on this world who abandoned her while is just a cute guest into this world.

We respected that lil one's personal space and gave her time to come to the feeling that 'you my lil pious soul , you are the most wanted love of our life than anything in this Duniya' and she caught our message with in a few weeks through our body language alhamdhullilah. Now she needs us to be besides her while she sleeps and at times while she wakes up ...

Alhamndhullilah. ALLAH is merciful on her and us...

Nuunu-my bundle of Duas-now happily grabs my hand while she sleeps to feel what she missed in her early days on this earth...

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Heart is hurt

Heart is hurt
But you don't know it's cut
What a fate...
That we are miles apart ...

Sleep is the best remedy
So that I forget the agony ...
Nothing can reduce my
Pains like a cacophony ...

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Whenever the cute little face
Smiles at me
My heart aches and breaks...
This little soul doesn't know
That she was not welcomed at her parents side ..
May be due to helplessness or selfishness
Whatever; the reality is
She - an orphan !

This little soul
Who sleeps besides me
Doesn't know what she underwent
In a few months life
On this vicious world ...

Yet she smiles with her wide open eyes ...
Thinking we are hers
And yes we became hers
As she became ours...

Those denied Breastmilk
Those warmth of the skin
I can't assure you my lovely soul ...
But my Breast is full of love
That I thank your parents
And I pray that we get United in paradise to live happily ever after...

( An adoptive mom's journey journal )

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