To a Cancerous friend

You keep connected;
When you feel content!
And get disconnected;
When you are discontent !

We're not a Chamelon
May be we have to become one !
To meet your emotion;
And to fit to society & to fun!

We hate the way you behave,
One day you come and wave,
And shower the happiness -
Saying as a friend,to cheer us!

Another day,you go back
Snatching all the smiles stock,
Behaving as a total stranger -
Who plants the seeds of gloom and anger!

Then we decide to shun you
Medicating the hurts -a few,
So as to start a new!
As we start,there comes you!

Pointing finger;saying we're cruel
That you are hurt and will howl!
Those garbages;you takeout all,
Again spread the foul smell!

When we clean misconceptions
While dumbing the bygones!
You again behaves,Oh
As if like a stranger foe!

Then loudly laugh,that's killing,
Saying you were joking,
And was thinking positive-
Though you said in negative !

When we get agitated-
As we can't understand,
Nor to read and we really can't,
Because you make us puzzled!

As to us,you're unknown-
Feeling the dual personality-
Then you behave upside down
Proving multiple personality!

We still can't learn you
Nor we feel trust in you
As we are confused
And we don't want to be abused!

To shun you or to keep you
That's our question !
To which we're seeking an answer
Day-Night, that's like a Cancer!

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