The Haven leading to Heaven


I am all alone
In my home...
With my Allah along-
And I'm happy for this solitude;
Which brings +ve charges to my attitude!
This invites less fitnahs,
And helps to add up my Sunnah's,
Which brings less backbitings,
Which will eat up my good doings !
It connects backs to my Rabb,
To Him, I revert back to rub-
The stains of the sins-
That accumulated all the bygone days!
Solitude is a haven
Which indeed leads to heaven;
It's a blessing for me
To ponder about THEE!
It helps to keep all the mercies,
And to keep away from all the worries;
I'm in this lovely blessed cocoon,
Thanking Him and prostrating to Him,
With my tears , silent and uttered words....

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