O Allah,
I did my part well
to my best,
in this Holy month,
to screw the ties of blood
which were loose somehow!!!
Rest is with You my Lord.
I extended my  hand
only for Your sake,
Seeking Your mercy !!
What to say 
about the ignorant,
to those who reject
even in this month???
Then it is their part with You,
Where I have no role!
But sad I'm ,as I know
From Your warnings;
they are filling fire
to their stomach,
The Hell fire!!!!!
And I'm sure,
I'm safe in Your front
as You know my intentions
more than myself.
Explanations and exposition 
is for human world,
and not for you my Lord! 
 I will be guided,insha Allah
by Your mercy and blessings
through out my life,
That's my prayer to You
from this Slave of yours,