Because you are my Mother

O Mother
I am glad 
when you're happy

I am sad 
when you worry.
I am mad 
when others feels sorry
You are my Mother!!
And You will be there
Like my heart beats.
Hear the song
of my pulses
That sings "I love you.
And I will be there for you."
You are my Mother,
I know you 
From your womb,
And I love you 
Till my tomb.
This is the promise
of a daughter,
who though far,
but still near.
Weeping for you
in the hours of darkness,
Wiping your tears
with my humble prayers.
Though you alone
in that lonely home,
My prayers strength
will  put His angles
to guard you Mom.
I am there for you,
However far I am.
So sleep in Peace
to dream the golden 
dawns to come,
Then we will be together
and will fly with time
to the land of 
fairies and flowers
to show you 
the rainbows,