[The poem won First Prize in Versification [2001]


People people every shore,

Smoke,fog covered everywhere,
Buildings,towers stood everywhere,
But I alone stood withered here.

Foul odor filled my nose,
Dust covered my big big eyes.
Noisy cities made me borred,
Quarreling houses made me depressed.

Mighty storms disordered my hair,
Lightning made me look fair,
Seeking for solitude,I started,
Sitting on a stone,I struggled.

Weeping alone in a dark corner,
Pondered over my fate darker,
Memories pricked me like thorn,
I wept bitterly alone.

Rat race world ignored me
No one even looked at me,
With a stuffed bosom,i stood there,
Waiting for solitude ,to come near.


Long calmness made me cool,
My mind murmured like a fool...

"Solitude begins from our heart
It ends in our hurt.

It arrest our findings,
It release our feelings,

It makes us fresh,
It makes us blush,

It makes us released,
It makes us depressed,

It itself is the Elysium
It itself is the Hell."

Everyone tastes it,
But no one likes it.

No one can escape from it
One day it will visit...

...Like a game of hide and seek
It will hide and it will seek!!!