Critique the Critic

O Vainglorious Critic,
Your vicious arrows
Won't touch my art
As it comes from heart.

O Soulless Human,
Realise the sensible souls,
who labours the creative pain.
That's a wonderful gain.

O Demanding One,
As a boomerang,it may hurt
That you are senseless
To name my child "worthless".

O Shuddering Soul,
Your harshness shivers you.
So overturn and see my dear-
Your contradictions,clear!

O Courageous "You",
Don't indulge in pride
To end your life
In others laugh.

O Pompous Shooter,
Your outrageous "citicisms",
To me,it's a song of tribute,
which enlightened my thought.

O Unscrupulous,hear -
My unrelenting End-Rhymes
Again,in your brain,it's ringing,
Infront of your eyes,it's dancing.

O Mature Lore,
Show the wisdom of age.
Your words are my oil,
In which you will boil.

O Childish Butcher,
Take your dissection box,
For an anonymous boast,
To me,it has no cost.

O Scientific Spirit,
Let me post and prove,
"Pen is mightier than swords"
And we will "leaps and bounds".

O Poor Being,
To me you are a Chameleon.
Without any "ground rule"
I will "overflow" my role.

O My Fuel,
Let me walk and run,
For this is the lovely lane,
And my lilt of lifeline.

O Sadistic Lover,
You are an eternal coal!!!
But now I can claim,
That I am cool and calm.