To my True Friends

When She gave me Bible,
I didn't feel bad,
Instead I started loving her,
Because she is inviting to 
The heaven she believes.

                                                        There comes a true friend!
When You gave me BhagavatGita,  
I didn't hate you,
Instead I loved  you more,
Because you are inviting to
The path of Moksha.

And I admitted that you are my true friend!

But when I gave you Quran,
You people accused  saying
"Stop converting us,
Avoid passing these sort of books,"
And I was shocked!!

                                                      Am I not your true friend?

You reminded me that 
You are a Hindu.
And she acknowledged 
She is a Christian,

                 And that's the end of Friendship?
O true friend!

Aren't we aware of these
when we extended our friendship 
Hand towards each other?
Am I not aware of this truth
     When we shared sweets and fun?

     O true friends,then why these reminding?

And I am still wondering,
How can I convert you 
By giving simply My Holly book,
as faith resides in Heart.
Why you both got scared?

O true friends,

I am not shivering and
Saying, those Holly books you gave
Will disturb me,
Because I learn and understand 
What I believe!

O true friends,

Except my GOD,I fear no one.
And you are my friends,
so don't declare you are 
Weak in your faith,
Simply saying this and that!!!

Be firm rooted,O my true friends!

I loved you,
Irrespective of anything.
Sharing what we have 
in common is not friendship,
but it's the sharing of differences!!!

O loving friends,

But now I would like to remind you,
That every religion teaches Love,
Mercy and Sharing.
And understanding makes 
a perfect person!!!

O Sweet friends,

Learn each other
And understand,
than simply ignoring.
Because learning makes 
A man humble!!!
And they are the door of Love
The Dove of Peace
Who will give solace to others
in words and looks!!!